Bigjigs toys

Designed in Britain and Fully Safety Tested

Here at Bigjigs Toys we are serious about product safety testing and play value, which is why our products exceed the EN71 toy safety testing standard and are only ever coloured using child-safe paints. Bigjigs Toys products are lovingly designed in Britain by our designers who work hard to include as much play and educational value in each and every toy as possible.

Our team

The Bigjigs Toys team has grown enormously since the early days of Liz and Peter making wooden jigsaw puzzles in their garden shed. There is now a large and ever-growing team working at our headquarters in Kent, South East England, all of whom are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and cherished toys that are enjoyed year after year.

Awards and acheivements

We’re proud of the toys we make and the fact that we've never lost sight of our roots as a family operated business. We also like to celebrate when industry experts recognise our success as a company and give our products their stamp of approval.


  • Over 80% of Bigjigs product packaging originates from 90% recycled board
  • More than 80% of Bigjigs own branded packaging will be printed using soy inks
  • Much of our product range is made from rubberwood from a sustainable source
  • Component parts, made of plastic are not designed into our products. We prefer to manufacture from wood and give the next generation the full value of a wonderful resource.


  • No direct packing for parcels will be purchased other than recycled paper
  • No polythene will be used whatsoever in packing customer parcels
  • Biffa are our appointed Waste Managers. All warehouse and office waste is sorted into general and recycling waste. General waste is made up of coated paper, food and pallet strapping. All paper, card, pallet wrapping, plastic and glass waste is recycled. Two 1200 litre recycling bins are collected weekly, one general 600 litre bin is collected fortnightly.
  • Less than 10% of cardboard cartons used for customer deliveries are purchased
  • 5-ply inward stock boxes are re used for customer deliveries
  • 99% of invoices and statements are emailed – 1% of our customer base are unable to accept documentation in email format

Warehouse & Offices

  • We implement power saving features on all computer equipment
  • In high use areas lights are on timing switches
  • LED lighting is used throughout all warehouse, office and showroom areas
  • Any batteries used across the business are recycled
  • All printer toners and cartridges are recycled
  • Female waste is disposed of monthly by Ecosan
  • Paper towels are not used, we prefer air hand driers
  • All paper used is from a recycled source and is environmentally friendly
  • Air freight of product is limited to the absolute minimum
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Grote knoppen puzzel werkvoert...

Afmetingen: 19,8 X 19,8 X 3 cm. Leeftijd: 12 mnd.+.

Grote stukken legpuzzel Eend ...

Afmetingen: 29.8 x 21.6 x 0.6 cm. Bevat 6 grote puzzelstukken. Vanaf 1 jaar.