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AURIS, is a company based in Sweden, Järna, south of Stockholm.
All instruments we make under the name of Auris are designed by the owner and director Kjell Andersson. We also have people with learning disabilities, who work side by side in our production facilities. 95% of the production is exported all over the world. We do also make products or part of products which are under license of other companies.

Multiple Use:

Child music
The instruments can be used in the most different situations, from musical fun playing with small children, inspires to move and dance or create moods by storytelling. A small child can very easy relate to an instrument of this large size, it corresponds to its state of fine motoric development, the mallets are thick enough not to slip out of the hand even by a hard beat. The tone bars are so wide that the child has no problem hitting the bar it is aiming at. The sound is soft and warm not hearting the little ear. 

The pentatonic scale in Music Therapy

These qualities are also useful when you are making music with people with learning disabilities. The small number of tones also makes it easy to orient on the scale. The large size makes it possible to be more than one player at the time, which allows you to guide your fellow player simultaneously on the Amadinda. You can be as many as up to four players at the same time. For this you need some extra mallets. You can also play with sticks made of soft wood directly on the bars; this gives a slightly sharp sound that accentuates the rhythmic effect. Even more emphasised if you play on the short end of the tone bar. This is in fact how the Amadinda is played by its origin inventors, the pygmy people in Africa.
The Auris Amadinda is also used and cherished by professional musicians for its energizing sound that awakes the spirits of song and dance.  

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