Varis Toys

VARIS Toys was founded in 1988 by 3 family members and has been producing a variety of wood products. The former name of the company was "Saime", which has the meaning of “family” in the Latvian language. In the 1991 woodworking became the main activity of the company – mostly for further implementation. Subsequently family-owned company focused on furniture manufacturing, which met huge demand from foreign companies.

After 10 years work with wood, was acquainted its characteristics and has born the idea to produce a Latvian product with its added value. As a result of different experiments and brainstorming in the beginning of 2000 was created the first wooden construction set – VARIS – which became a base of the current name of the company.

Already more of 11 years our idea about educational, ecological and high quality toys has been assessed not only in Latvia, bet also in international arena. The biggest export markets of VARIS Toys is Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Japan, Austria, Norway, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Switzerland and others. At the moment we are working actively also with USA and Canadian markets.